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The SWIFT code below is the unique code or identifier, based on Bank Identification Code (BIC). You can use this when making a money transfer between banks. However, we recommend you double-check the code with the bank or recipient. We can’t tell you if it’s the updated one, or if it’s the right SWIFT code for a particular account.

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What Does SWIFT/BIC Code Mean?

A SWIFT/BIC code is a unique identifier code for banks and financial institutions globally. It helps them communicate securely and quickly when they need to send money to each other. If you’re sending or receiving money internationally between banks, particularly for international transfers or SEPA payments, you may be asked for a SWIFT code.

A SWIFT code is a combination of capital letters and numbers that make between 8 and 11 digits that identifies the country, city, bank, and branch.

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This SWIFT Code is for the
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Bank code A-Z

4 letters representing the bank.

Country code A-Z

2 letters representing the country the bank is in.

Location code 0-9 A-Z

2 characters made up of letters or numbers.

Branch Code 0-9 A-Z(Optional)

3 digits specifying a particular branch. 'XXX' represents the bank’s head office.

Always Double-check the SWIFT Code to Your Recipient

We recommend that you always check the SWIFT/BIC code with your recipient or bank prior to sending money. Having it right ensures your money arrives in the right recipient. If you have the bank name and address, but not the SWIFT code, just use our SWIFT/BIC finder to get the right code to use. Find SWIFT/BIC Code here.

If you think you've used the wrong SWIFT code to send money, you should get in contact with your bank right away. They may be able to cancel the transaction. If it's too late to cancel, you might have to contact the recipient yourself and request that they return your money.


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