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Payroll - Smart Solution For Payroll Management




A Payroll Solution That Works For You: Get Salary Payment Done in Minutes

Effortlessly manage payroll for your entire organization with ease. Eliminate the need for dedicated bank accounts for each team member, pay salaries in minutes anytime of the day, protect your sensitive information, and maintain a secure payroll system.

A Seamless Payroll Experience

Are you tired of spending a fortune on cross-bank fees when managing payroll for your employees with diverse banking preferences? Look no further! Our efficient payroll services are designed to significantly reduce your cross-bank transaction costs while ensuring a seamless salary disbursement experience.

Eliminate the need to navigate between your team's payroll database and platform for salary disbursement. Simply create payroll transactions at the outset and use the same database for subsequent months with minimal clicks required.

We understand the importance of keeping your data safe and confidential. That's why we've created a robust approval workflow that allows cross-departmental access to a single database with clear role segregation. This means HR and finance can easily manage their roles while maintaining the privacy of sensitive employee data, ensuring only the right people have access to the right information.


Discover The Advantages

Perfect For Teams of All Sizes

No matter how big your team is, from a few team member to hundreds or thousands of employees, you can still pay everyone's salary at the same.


Lightning Fast Payroll Process

Say goodbye to hours of payroll processing - our solution cuts the time needed for input, approval, and payout by up to 80%.


Centralized Payroll Management

Manage every aspect of your payroll process from a single dashboard, minimizing risks of error and making sure everything is centralized for easier reconciliation.


“Previously, our payroll system was manual and time-consuming. With Jack, we can save time and even reduce costs. As a result, we are able to significantly cut down our expenses.”


Hendry Pratomo

PIC and Founder Lakugan

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