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Corporate Card - Corporate Card That Put You In Charge




Corporate Card That Finally Gives You Control

Get your corporate card in just 7 days and enjoy real-time expense tracking with no more monthly statement delays

Spend with Flexibility,

Get flexibility to issue unlimited number of physical and virtual cards, gain control over company spending, and increase team accountability.

Skip the lengthy bank process and get back to business right away. Start using your cards in less than 7 days in just a few simple clicks.

Easily adjust every card’s spending limits and manage your team budget with ease.


Total Control Over Card Access

Stay in full control of your business expenses with the ability to assign, approve, and monitor card usage for your team members.


More Secure, Less Fraud

With our one-click block and freeze feature, you can instantly control the use of your corporate card.


Manage on Mobile

Take control of your cards with our user-friendly mobile app, putting all your spending at your fingertips for ultimate flexibility.


See Every Transaction, Anytime

Real-time tracking of your card transactions provides you with the visibility you need to manage your expenses more effectively.

98% Faster Than Banks!

Get your first corporate card in just 7 days and any additional cards instantly thereafter.

Don't waste any more time waiting for a corporate card from traditional banks. Experience the speed and convenience of our instant card issuance today.

“Virtual Card from Jack helps Magalarva reduce production costs by up to 10%, thus helping us to improve the company's cashflow.”


Rendria Labde

CEO of Magalarva

Unlock the Power of Corporate Spending
Get Your Card Today!