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Bill Payment - Manage Account Payable Without Hassle




The New, Better Way For Bill Payments

Simplify payables, approvals, and payments with our intuitive software. Enhance your financial control and get a comprehensive view of all payables and invoices from a single dashboard.

Pay Invoices in 3 Easy Steps


Upload Invoice Detail


Review & Approve


Pay Automatically

Eliminate Tedious Manual Tasks

Tired of the endless hours spent on manual invoice processing? Our account payable automation eliminates the need for tedious data entry, freeing up your finance team's time and energy.

Automatically Capture Invoice Detail

Our OCR technology will help to capture all of the payment detail from your invoices, reducing the possibility of human-error. All you have to do is upload the invoice and we'll do the rest.

Total Control Over Spending

Stay in full control of your business expenses with robust Approval Workflow.

Customizable Approval Workflow

Increase efficiency and reduce financial risk by utilising custom approval workflow to ensure only the approriate team member can approve and pay the incoming invoices.

Track All Invoice at Anytime

Real-time tracking of your invoice transactions provides you with the visibility you need to manage your expenses more effectively.

“Thanks to Jack's Bill Payment feature, Bioma is able to streamline its operations, saving valuable time and minimizing the risk of errors. By automating the entire process, team members only need to upload the bills they wish to process, with the OCR technology taking care of the rest. Moreover, the approval workflow has been enhanced and optimized, ensuring that the entire process occurs within a short timeframe.”


Arlo Erdaka

CEO and Co Founder at Bioma

Embrace the Future of Invoice Payments